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Ice Dam Prevention

This house was sprayed by Greenstar Foam and had no ice dams this year.

This house was not sprayed by Greenstar Foam and had severe ice dams this year.

The two houses above are located on the same side of the same street and are only two doors down from each other.  The homes are virtually identical inside and were built in the same year by the same company.  The pictures were taken within 3 minutes of each other. 

Notice the roofs, especially the snow melt on top of the roofs.  The heating bill for the house on the right was over $200.00 more per month, most of this heat went straight through the roof, melted the snow and caused $5,000.00 in ice-dam damage in January of 2009.

Ice dams are formed when heat from the attic melts the snow on the roof causing an "avalanche" of snow and ice to overflow,
freeze and then clog the gutters. The resultant melting and re-freezing water can then back up under the shingles or into the soffit eaves and work their way into the house causing severe moisture and mold damage to the building and it's contents. Once fiberglass insulation is damaged by moisture it's R-rating drops to zero and then when dry will remain at half of what it once was for the remainder of it's lifespan.

Finally, on February 1, 2009, the attic of the house on the right was spray foamed.  They called Greenstar: 781-810-4858 and their Ice Dam problems for next year were immediately solved.  Call Greenstar, and prevent ice-dams from destroying your home:
781-810-4858.  Please see our Main website:



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