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The genesis of Greenstar started several years ago as a next generation mold-in-attic and mold-in-crawlspace eradication firm in conjunction with several high profile mold testing and consulting firms.  Mold consulting firms across the country are finding that most mold-in-attic/crawlspace problems can be cured, sealed and then all traces of mold eradicated (forever) when foam insulation is used in the effected area.  

Greenstar has highly skilled technicians who use mold removal techniques to decontaminate the mold in your attic, walls and crawlspace and then insulate over it, thereby preventing mold from ever occuring again. This procedure expunges the blotchy/hazardous spots of mold in attics crawlspaces that cause severe decreases in a home's value.  Greenstar then beautifully combines the mold removal aspect with the added benefit of significantly decreasing the home's heating and cooling costs and you have a perfect solution for the homebuyer and homeowner.

Greenstar Foam Insulation has been insulating Public Buildings, Commercial Buildings and Private homes throughout the New England area for many years.  Founded by a team of ambitious professionals in the building trades industry along with mold testing/consulting and the mold remediation industry, Greenstar merged this wealth of experience, knowledge and skill into a company that is earning a remarkable reputation as a leading, unbeatable force in the insulation and mold removal industry.  

We promised each other at the time of company launch that we would always operate with a foundation of unwavering ethics and quality workmanship.  Give us a call at 781-810-4858 and we'll gladly come out to give you a free quote on your project. 

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